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Guide To WUCC 2018

World Ultimate Club Championships

14th - 21st July 2018. Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

WUCC 2018 is nearly here, 128 elite teams from over 40 countries will descend on Cincinatti to battle it out to become World Champions. The UltiMates will be running a prediction contest, so you can get involved in the competitiveness of the tournament even if you aren't there, and will have more on the line when watching the livestreams! Keep an eye out on our twitter feed for updates and punditry.

UltiMates Fantasy Competition

Round 1 is a simple top 16 prediction, for each division. For each team, you will be awarded points based on how close you were to their final position, a maximum of 10 points is awarded for a correct prediction of a teams finishing position with 1 point removed for every position further away (e.g. If you predicted Team A to finish 8th but they instead finished 4th you would recieve 6 points, 10-4).

In Rounds 2 onwards, for each game the UltiMates have created a points spread, ie if we have Team A v Team B and we expect Team A will win by 2 or 3 (this is averaged over all our predictions) we will write Team A (-2.5) (This means that after the match we will take 2.5 AWAY from Team As score and then determine a winner) or Team B (+2.5) (this would mean ADDing 2.5 to Team Bs score). You then have to select whether you think Team A or Team B will win after these handicaps. If you guess correctly you win 10 points.

To see our predictions and punditry follow this link.

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